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FEMA Urban Search & Rescue team probes houses for survivors after the deadly 2013 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

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After a disaster, LeadersLink provides a disaster mentor to any elected official who would like guidance from a peer who has led their community through a similar crisis in the past. Here are some of the cities where we have helped.

Western Kentucky

EF4 Tornado

On Dec. 10, 2021, an EF4 tornado swept through western Kentucky, killing 76 and damaging or destroying at least 1000 homes. It was the deadliest and longest-tracked tornado in state history.


Marshalltown, Iowa

EF3 Tornado

On July 19, 2018, an EF3 tornado swept through the city of Marshalltown, Iowa, destroying 89 homes and causing major damage to 525. It also damaged many business as well as the historic county courthouse and the Lennox plant, idling production lines.


Immokalee, Florida

Hurricane Irma

When slow-moving Hurricane Irma pushed across Florida on Sept. 10, 2017, it destroyed at least 50 homes in Immokalee and damaged hundreds more, leaving many residents homeless or living in unsafe structures.


Missouri City, Texas

Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey bore down on the Houston area on Aug. 26, 2017, Missouri City was hit with tornadoes and widespread flooding that resulted in 1300+ high water rescues and more than 1000 flooded homes.


Dickinson, Texas

Hurricane Harvey

Dickinson was one of the hardest-hit cities when Hurricane Harvey moved into the Houston area on August 26, 2017, seriously damaging 88 businesses and more than 7000 homes.


Aransas Pass, Texas

Hurricane Harvey

On Aug. 25, 2017 as Hurricane Harvey moved onshore, its highest sustained winds of 111-mph were felt in Aransas Pass, where 90% of buildings were damaged.


St. Augustine, Florida

Hurricane Matthew

St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest city in the country, was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. The October 7 storm damaged more than 1000 historic homes and buildings along with 250 businesses.


Sea Bright, New Jersey

Superstorm sandy

The low-lying community of Sea Bright, New Jersey sustained catastrophic damage in Superstorm Sandy in 2012, which inundated three quarters of its homes and the entire downtown business district. The city received more than four million dollars in federal grants to cover 90% of the cost of repairing public buildings alone.


Richwood, West Virginia

Historic 2016 Flood

On June 23, 2016, devastating flash floods tore through Richwood, West Virginia, destroying 150 homes, damaging businesses and inundating four schools with more than four feet of water.


Ellicott City, Maryland

2016 Flash Flood

On July 30, 2016, nearly 7 inches of torrential rain fell on historic downtown Ellicott City, Maryland in a five-hour period. The resulting flash flood destroyed 90 businesses and more than a hundred homes, killing two and flooding hundreds of vehicles. Damages were in the tens of millions of dollars.


Denham Springs, Louisiana

Louisiana Flood of 2016

More than 75 percent of the homes and most of the businesses in Denham Springs, Louisiana were inundated in August of 2016. Thirteen people died in the historic flooding that left 21 Louisiana parishes federal disaster areas and sent more than 11,000 residents into shelters.


Belmar, New Jersey

Superstorm Sandy

On October 29, 2012, the storm surge of Superstorm Sandy poured into Belmar, New Jersey, destroying homes, businesses and ripping apart the town’s 1.3-mile long boardwalk. It took nearly three years before the last displaced resident was able to move back home.


List of Areas We Have Connected

Western KentuckyEF4 Tornado

The day a monster EF4 tornado roared through Mayfield, Kentucky and surrounding communities, LeadersLink reached out to Mayor Kathy O’Nan.  With the help of the Kentucky League of Cities, LeadersLink in January 2022 arranged a virtual meeting between O’Nan, the mayors of other impacted towns and two mayors whose cities had recovered well from similar […]


Marshalltown, IowaEF3 Tornado

The week after the EF3 tornado roared through Marshalltown, Iowa, LeadersLink reached out to Mayor Joel Greer who had been in office just over six months.  We offered resources and to partner him with Tupelo, Mississippi Mayor Jason Shelton who led his city successfully through recovery from an EF3 twister in 2014 and is currently […]


Immokalee, FloridaHurricane Irma

The town of Immokalee, Florida is unincorporated and its largely low-income immigrant population was left struggling to recover after Hurricane Irma struck.  Community leader Pam Brown reached out for help and LeadersLink partnered her with former Mayor Tommy Longo who led the rebuilding of the community of Waveland, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.


Missouri City, Texas Hurricane Harvey

After Hurricane Harvey inundated the Houston area, LeadersLink held a disaster recovery forum in Missouri City for city and county leaders from throughout Fort Bend County.  Our team shared detailed advice with the audience for both the immediate clean up as well as the longterm recovery.  Participants were given copies of the award-winning book Rising […]


Dickinson, TexasHurricane Harvey

At least half of the 20,000 residents in the small town of Dickinson, Texas were impacted by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey.  In October after the storm, LeadersLink held a disaster recovery forum there for city and county leaders throughout the area.  We screened our Leading Through the Storm film and our disaster veterans shared […]


Aransas Pass, TexasHurricane Harvey

Because such a vast area was damaged by Hurricane Harvey, LeadersLink held a disaster recovery forum in October after the storm in Aransas Pass for city and county leaders from throughout the Texas Coastal Bend.  The team who led their communities through Hurricane Katrina discussed what worked and what didn’t, strategies for dealing with FEMA […]


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