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A family wades ashore in Kingfisher, Oklahoma after being rescued from flooding caused by Tropical Storm Erin. August 2007

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Articles from disaster experts written just for leaders, whether you’re at the helm of a crisis or taking steps to protect your community. Words of wisdom when you need them most!

Coronavirus Measures for U.S. Local Leaders to Consider

The spread of the coronavirus around the world has given leaders of U.S. cities and counties the unique opportunity to watch a response in real time and see what works and what doesn’t.  Now, they need to consider how to apply those lessons here. Understand the threat.  During flu season in the U.S., on average […]


Expanding How We Think About Early Warnings and Disaster Preparedness

There is a Greek myth about a woman named Cassandra, who was cursed by the god Apollo to have the ability to see impending doom but the inability to persuade anyone around her to believe her prophecy. In the myth, she is able to see the fall of Troy, and yet is disregarded by those […]


How Can We Better Protect Our Historic Structures from Fire?

Historic buildings, landmarks and sites are part of our collective cultural identity and heritage. They provide places not only for us to connect with our past, but also to participate in ceremonies and seek higher awareness and healing. These communal gathering places serve as physical anchors within our communities and significant contributors to local and […]


Operating After a Disaster – One Business’s Success Story

In August of 2005, as Hurricane Katrina roared toward shore, my employer, Anteon Corporation, found itself in the bull’s eye.  We had about 20 people working in New Orleans and another 70 sixty miles to the east in our Bay St. Louis, Mississippi office. I was a Group Vice President working out of Annandale, Virginia […]


Survival Checklist for Residents Who Don’t Evacuate

Evacuating an entire community in the face of an approaching disaster is difficult, and despite everyone’s best efforts some will stay behind.  Here is a survival checklist for communities to share with residents who can’t or won’t leave. …………………. FOOD / WATER – Have plenty of nonperishable food, a nonelectric can opener and at least […]


Working With Nature to Minimize Disaster Damage

Mother Nature, it seems, is running amok. Two weeks ago, Hurricane Harvey roared ashore in Texas and lingered. This week, Hurricane Irma became a Category 5, striking the Caribbean Islands with sustained winds of 185 mph. As I write this, Irma is tracking towards Florida and the east coast, showing no signs of weakening. The […]


Resilience-based Governance — Understanding Urban Resilience and Risk Reduction Post-Harvey

The 2017 hurricane season has reminded coastal residents in the United States and Caribbean of the level of damage and destruction a cyclonic event can inflict upon municipalities. Hurricane Harvey will undoubtedly become the costliest climate disaster in United States history with preliminary estimates of at least 150 to 250 billion USD. According to the […]


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